Meet the Players

Kari Simpson

In 1997 was a tough, fearless, influential and respected social policy activist with civil minded Canadians. She was feared by the radical left, teacher’s union and the International Socialist who organized riots and protests outside facilities where Kari addressed large crowds of supporters. Kari is credited with numerous family rights victories in the 1990’s including better protection from unwarranted apprehension of children by over-zealous BC social workers and greater accountability by the state in reporting the deaths of children while in the care of the BC government. Kari rallied Canadians from across the country in opposing the Charlottetown Accord and is also credited with being one of the key leaders in ridding British Columbia of one of its most corrupt governments. In 1997 she advised then NDP Premier Glen Clark that he had a political death wish if he continued to ignore civil Canadians and impose a radical left-wing agenda onto the schools. The next election found the NDP politically decimated and left with only 2 seats in the legislature.

Note: For the purposes of truth and this Drive for Justice Campaign it should be noted that the information contained in the court decisions associated with Simpson’s fictional “anti-gay” characterization are unfounded. The assertion Kari Simpson is anti-gay is a lie. Requiring teachers to adhere to Ministry of Education policy is not being “anti-gay.” Requiring activist teachers to advise parents when they use unapproved resources and political propaganda and lie to students about serious issues involving sexuality, health and morals is not being anti-gay. It is being a good, responsible citizen, tax-payer and parent.

The assertion that Simpson “opposed the inclusion of the three books in schools” is a lie, as is the court’s false assertion that Simpson opposed any positive portrayal of gays in the school. Yes, the court fabricated and manufactured false information and lied. For the record, Simpson’s public record at the time of Rafe Mair’s campaign of hate was very clear as it relates to teaching issues involving homosexuality within the schools; it was simply teach what you want but adhere to the Ministry of Education policy and advise parents–don’t lie to the kids–if we are going to engage in this topic be honest and don’t indoctrinate and propagate the typical gay propaganda into the malleable minds of our children. Moreover, that if we as a society are going to assign special status to the issue of homosexual sex to our growing list of acceptable but costly Canadian indulgences then we should be fair and simply tax sex. After all, it is the Canadian way.

And for the record, refusing to support sex activist teachers, indoctrinating impressionable minds that the insertion of one man’s penis into another man anus is an activity that must not only be tolerated but celebrated is not being anti-gay; it is exercising the right, as a Canadian, to ensure truth and civil-minded common-sense prevails in a public debate that is costing Canadians billions of healthcare dollars.

Rafe Mair

Lawyer, former broadcaster and politician. Rafe is a liar, a coward and a cheat and doesn’t like influential Christians being in places of democratic prominence. Rafe Mair has been sued numerous times for defamation and was fired from his job at CKNW amidst serious allegations of involving one of the female producers employed there.

Beginning in 1997 Rafe Mair embarked on a hate campaign against Kari Simpson. He published over 40 malicious editorials attacking her and falsely published her position on the matters involving the promotion of homosexual propaganda in the public schools and parental rights within the public education system. His deliberate, calculated campaign to assassinate her character and to manufacture a false reputation escalated to the point of equating her to Hitler and other nefarious historical villains. Rafe Mair testified that he had never heard Simpson speak on the matters he published as fact. Rafe Mair lied to his audience for two years about Simpson; he cowardly refused to debate her. He also vilified informed parents and teachers and venomously targeted one family in particular because they removed their son from the influence of a militant sex activist teacher named James Chamberlain, a provably unprofessional teacher who was abusing his role by ideologically indoctrinating little 5 and 6 year olds with political left-wing propaganda and lying on national television about what he was teaching. Rafe Mair lied repeatedly about this case to his audience, stating as fact that the parents only removed their son because the teacher was gay. Rafe Mair refused to allow Kari Simpson or the parents any opportunity to refute his lies, despite the fact that Mair was advised by a CKNW producer that there was more to the story.

Justice Mary Marvyn Koenigsberg

Trial judge in Simpson v. Mair and common law spouse of a man who goes by the name of Lubomyr Prytulak and several other aliases. At the time she was presiding over the Simpson v Mair trial, Justice Koenigsberg was busy with her own set of legal problems involving her spouse. Court documents in Kurtz v Justice Koenigsberg and her spouse, Lubomyr Prytulak, reveal that Justice Koenigsberg was financially supporting Mr. Prytulak so he could spend his time contributing to websites that feature anti-Jewish rants, writing letters and defaming prominent Jewish businessmen. Justice Koenigsberg admits in court documents relating to the serious matters of her spouse’s religious bigotry, intolerance, and hate to financially supporting him so he can “pursue his non-remunerative endeavours.”  Court documents state that a million-dollar-plus case filed in January 2003 against Justice Koenigsberg’s spouse included charges of defamation, religious intolerance, hatred, ridicule, scorn, embarrassment and humiliation, several of which allegations were also at issue in Simpson v. Mair et al.  A second lawsuit against Mr. Prytulak citing the same facts was filed by a California lawyer named Gary Kurtz. 

In November 2003 the Canadian Human Rights Commission advanced a complaint against Justice Koenigsberg’s spouse at the same time she was sitting on the Simpson v. Mair trial. The Canadian Human Rights Commission states the charges as “…communicating or causing to be communicated material which is likely to expose persons to hatred or contempt based on grounds of religion and national or ethnic origin.”

Things go from bad to illegal when Justice Mary Marvyn Koenigsberg and Prytulak, in April of 2004, transfer a joint asset worth close to a million dollars into Justice Koenigsberg’s name only shortly after lawyer Gary Kurtz wins his libel case against Justice Koenigsberg’s spouse. In British Columbia, we are governed by a statute called the Fraudulent Conveyance Act, which prohibits the unlawful transaction that the not-so- good judge engaged in. Justice Koenigsberg was legally, morally and ethically duty-bound to disqualify herself from the Simpson v Mair case.

Justice Koenigsberg failed to act judiciously. She had a duty to disclose these compromising matters to Kari Simpson and her counsel. She instead chose to keep her secret.

Other cases that Madam Justice Koenigsberg has presided over should be viewed with great suspicion.

Lubomyr Prytulak, and other aliases

Justice Koenigsberg’s spouse, described in legal documents as a holocaust denier, Mr. Prytulak is a contributor to websites that feature anti-Jewish rants. His spouse Justice Mary Marvyn Koenigsberg admits in court documents to financially supporting him so he can “pursue his non-remunerative endeavours.”  Court documents show that a million-dollar-plus case filed in January 2003 against Prytulak included claims of defamation, religious intolerance, hatred, ridicule, scorn, embarrassment and humiliation, several of which factors were also at issue in Simpson v. Mair et al.  A second lawsuit against Mr. Prytulak citing the same facts was filed by a California lawyer named Gary Kurtz.

In November 2003, while presiding over Simpson v. Mair, the Canadian Human Rights Commission advanced a complaint against Justice Koenigsberg’s spouse. The Canadian Human Rights Commission states the charges as “…communicating or causing to be communicated material which is likely to expose persons to hatred or contempt based on grounds of religion and national or ethnic origin” – just like Rafe Mair’s campaign of hate and religious intolerance. Mr. Prytulak settled the matter with the Canadian Human Rights Commission and removed his website.

A number of court actions ensued in the BC Courts after a plaintiff successfully won a libel case against Prytulak. The late Chief Justice Donald Brenner presided over these cases and made some disturbing decisions.

Dan Burnett

Rafe Mair’s legal counsel, Partner in Vancouver law firm Owen Bird, relies on a left-wing associates of the radical International Socialists to do his research and teachers law at UBC. Mr. Burnett is well-informed about justice Koenigsberg’s unlawful antics but believes it is simply “old news.” Dan is careful to use more truthful language outside the courtroom when it comes to this case, but is willing to lie to the court when he is protected from being sued! Here is one example of the lies he told to the SCC:

MR. BURNETT (9:01): Chief Justice, Justices.
This appeal arises from a very public and heated controversy about gay
tolerance in school system of British Columbia, a controversy that has made its way to this Court in 2002, in the case involving the three books involving the same-sex parents. The respondent, Kari Simpson, was a leader — some would say the leader — of the side of that debate which opposed the teaching of gay tolerance. On the three books issue, she was very public in her opposition to the books. She wrote something — and helped write and promote something called the “declaration of family rights” that expressly forbid schools from teaching that a homosexual lifestyle is normal or acceptable. She spoke all across the province saying similar things and, in the incident that gave closest rise to the editorial at issue in this appeal, she supported a parent who took her child out of a gay teacher’s class and then attended a rally in support of that parent.

Now let’s compare it to what he says when he can be sued. On December 12, 2007 Mr. Burnett appeared on CKNW to talk about his appearance before the Supreme Court of Canada in the Mair v. Simpson matter. Talk show host Bill Good, asked him a question about the prominence of Kari Simpson, look at his weasel-worded answer:

Well there is no doubt there is a period of time when she was on the cover of BC Report Magazine, front page of the Vancouver sun and was very much a leader if not the leader of that point of view in the Surrey School Board controversies in its various considerations.

Wait! No direct libellous assertions, no direct false accusations like “On the three book issue she was very public in her opposition to the books.”

He seems more than willing to let others repeat libellous information and face a possible lawsuit. It will be interesting to see what responsibility Mr. Burnett has as it relates to his profession’s oath, that requires him to “uphold the rule of law and the rights and freedoms of all persons according to the laws of Canada and of the Province of British Columbia”. Can’t wait to find out what he knew and when about Koenigsberg and what he did about it! (It is probable that you will find out more about Mr. Burnett, inside information suggests he might be one of the lawyers named in a BC Law Society Complaint!)

RoadKill Radio

Truth will always make an appearance. Sometime she just waits for a bigger stage to be built. That stage is, a major player is this docudrama of judicial shenanigans. RoadKill Radio was inspired by the words of Supreme Court of Canada‘s Justice Ian Binnie, who stated during the WIC v. Simpson matter these words:

If you look at some of these public affairs programs, of course they are intended to stir up and you can’t say everybody believes everything they say. But when what they say is highly damaging to a particular individual, can you really say, “we’re sorry, you are road kill in this debate, but it is an important debate”?

Justice Binnie repeated the comparison in writing the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision for the majority in WIC Radio v. Simpson:

An individual’s reputation is not to be treated as regrettable but unavoidable road kill on the highway of public controversy, but nor should an overly solicitous regard for personal reputation be permitted to “chill” freewheeling debate on matters of public interest.

James Chamberlain

The so-called “gay teacher” Rafe Mair felt compelled to lie about and vilify Kari Simpson for supporting the parents of a young boy in removing their son from this teacher’s political and ideological abuse of his classroom. And yes, this is the Supreme Court of Canada’s gay poster boy, the same militant sex activist teacher the SCC favoured when it spanked a democratically elected school board for acting in the best interests of children and adhering to the School Act by representing their constituents in the Surrey three books case! For more insight into the “gay teacher’s” antics click here! You decide if you would want this activist teaching your 5 year old!


Justices of the 2007 bench of the Supreme Court of Canada!

Also known as “The Court Party”, the judges who feel free to make up their own laws to fit the decisions that match their own view of Canada.

Eric Rice!

Former president of the Canadian Bar Association and Kari Simpson’s first lawyer that was reprimanded by the Court of Appeal for not following the rules of the court as they pertained to the drafting of pleadings!!

Donald Brenner!

The late, former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of British Columbia.

Justice Grauer!

What responsibility does a judge have to report another judge when evidence presented implicates wrong-doing by another judge, and should a judge make a decision on a matter he knows is tainted?  So many questions, so many implicated!


Radio station that allowed Rafe Mair to broadcast his one-sided campaign of hate.

The Declaration of Family Rights!

– The “nefarious” document that – horrors! – declared that parents have a right to to decide what’s best for their children!


A rare creature, seemingly unknown to certain justices in this matter!

Rule of Law!

The once-revered entity that is going the way of the unicorn as activist judges across Canada beat it into extinction.

Charter of Rights!

Which version?  The public document that can be ignored or the secret unreported document activist judges rely upon to grant special rights to certain people and trespass upon the rights of others! Apparently we are not all equal!