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July 6, 2012
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Letter sent to PM Harper today

BC Social activist targets judges, lawyers and media in her

demand for a parliamentary inquiry into judicial corruption


LANGLEY, BC, July 6, 2012 (RoadKillRadio.com)—BC social activist Kari Simpson has asked Prime Minister Stephen Harper for a parliamentary inquiry into judicial corruption in Canada’s courts.

Charging malfeasance by judges and lawyers in her own defamation lawsuit against broadcaster Rafe Mair, Simpson outlines in a letter to the Prime Minister details about judges who should not have been on the bench, other judges who covered for them, lawyers who failed to follow the rules in drafting her case, and how the Supreme Court changed the rules and then denied Simpson the right to have her case heard in light of the new legal test.

The record of corruption by both judges and lawyers illustrates why the public has lost faith in Canada’s justice system, Simpson says. “When the very people who are supposed to protect the Rule of Law bring the law into disrepute, it’s time for Parliament to act,” she says.

In her letter to the Prime Minister and the accompanying summary brief, Simpson draws attention to Section 101 of the Constitution Act, which gives Parliament the authority to set up a superior court of appeals whenever the justice system falls into disrepute. The 15 pointed questions she asks the Prime Minister to answer bring to light disturbing facts, and reveal a troubled and broken court system.

Simpson states: “I write to apprise you of a serious matter that requires your attention. The information contained herein details a level of corruption and contempt for the Rule of Law within our courts that can no longer be ignored. The egregious conduct blatantly and arrogantly displayed by those who are sworn members of the judiciary warrant, at the very least, a parliamentary inquiry.”

The troubling events detailed in Simpson’s letter and brief to the Prime Minister flow from a lawsuit she initiated in 1999 against former radio talk show host Rafe Mair and his radio station, CKNW.

Beginning in 1997, Mair had launched a two-year campaign of hate and lies about Simpson. He published more than 40 hate-filled editorials on air, in print, and on-line that maligned her, fabricating events that falsely represented her and her motives in her social advocacy work defending parents’ rights within the public school system.

The case eventually went to the Supreme Court of Canada. In its decision the SCC “modified” (i.e., changed) the legal test for a defence of “honest belief”—but failed to order a new trial so the facts of the case could be heard and considered according to the new test. Ironically, the case of WIC v. SIMPSON had been cited in a subsequent trial as a precedent that showed why a new trial should be ordered. But instead, the high court found in favour of Mair and restored the original trial judge’s decision.  However, the original trial judge was not qualified to preside over the case, because at the time she was herself embroiled in scandal that involved two similar defamation suits against her spouse, and her own culpability in the fraudulent conveyance of property in an unlawful attempt to protect the assets from legal claim.

The SCC also repeated from the bench demonstrably false accusations made by Mair against Simpson, thus compounding and bolstering the harm to her reputation.

Simpson names names in her briefing document. She accuses BC Supreme Court Justice Mary Marvyn Koenigsberg, Rafe Mair and Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin of the Supreme Court of Canada of publishing defamatory lies and violating the law. Simpson’s brief is meticulous in referencing dates and events, including a comparative timeline that demonstrates the illegal activities, bias and conflicts of the trial judge.

Simpson’s letter to the Prime Minister is only the kick-off in her Drive for Justice campaign, which she asserts is “a campaign that will not stop until justice is not only done, but seen to be done.” Simpson’s closing remarks to Harper clearly define the problem. She says, “The events detailed herein depict a constitutional calamity of epic proportions, and should deservedly shake the judicial establishment to its core.”

See a PDF of Kari Simpson’s letter and brief here, and they can also be found at driveforjustice.com.

For more information contact Kari Simpson

Tel: 604 514-1614

Email: driveforjustice@gmail.com


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