Can You Handle the Truth?

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Jan 252016

If someone lied about your character, wouldn’t you want the truth to be known?

If you have any preconceived notions about social activist Kari Simpson – or are just looking for the truth – this is the website for you!  The following video series is fully documented.  It tells the story of how one man used his public soapbox to present his baseless opinions as “facts” against an innocent defender of human rights in Canada, wrongly vilifying her.  It reveals a corrupt judge and a flawed, self-serving legal system.  It exposes the shock jock’s lies and proves Simpson’s innocence, basic facts that still elude the willfully ignorant that include members of the press, members of the legal community, and Kari Simpson’s political adversaries.

It reminds us that repeating lies does NOT make them true.

Drive For Justice 01: Prologue

Drive For Justice 02: Synopsis

Drive For Justice 03: The Players

Drive For Justice 04: Letter to Prime Minister Harper

Drive For Justice 05: Kari Simpson, a Biography

Letter to Prime Minister Harper, July 6, 2012

BC Social activist targets judges, lawyers and media in her demand for a parliamentary inquiry into judicial corruption

Drive For Justice 06: Rafe Mair, a Biography

Drive For Justice 07: Simpson & Mair – The Happy Years

Drive For Justice 08: Rafe Mair Begins His Campaign of Hate and Vilification

Drive For Justice 09: Mair’s Campaign of Hate Intensifies

Drive For Justice 10: Rafe Mair’s Campaign of Hate Goes Into Overdrive

Drive For Justice 11: Memos to Mair, Corrections Ignored

Drive For Justice 12: Apologies from Everyone – Except the Liar Mair

Drive For Justice 13: CKNW’s Conspicuous News Blackout

Drive For Justice 14: The Editorial that Sparked the Lawsuit

Drive For Justice 15: Kari Simpson’s “Ilk”

Drive For Justice 16: The Players, Pt. 3 – James Chamberlain

Drive For Justice 17: The Brotherhood

Drive For Justice 18: The Players, Pt. 5 – The Judge and Her Paramour

Drive For Justice 19: Discovery (The Fix Is In)

Drive For Justice 20: The Trial Begins

Drive For Justice 21: Behind the Curtain

Drive For Justice 22: Closing Arguments, and a Bizarre Settlement Conference

Drive For Justice 23: A Schizophrenic Verdict

Drive For Justice 24: The Appeal and Its Appealing Decision

Drive For Justice 25: The Road to the Supreme Court

Drive For Justice 26: Our Ermine-Clad Masters Decide

Drive For Justice 27: Logic and Liberty Die at the Supreme Court of Canada

Drive For Justice 28: Back to the Supreme Court of Canada

Drive For Justice 29: Back to Koenigsberg, the Stonewalling Judge

Drive For Justice 30: “Deep Throat” Exposes Koenigsberg’s Fraud

Drive For Justice 31: The Birth of RoadKill Radio

Drive For Justice 32: $10,000 Reward Offered!

Drive For Justice 33: Upping the Ante – Now $130,000 in Rewards Offered!!!

Drive For Justice 34: Where We Go From Here

Drive For Justice 35: Introduction to Drive For Justice II

Chief Justice McLachlin judicially noosed!

Chief Justice McLachlin judicially noosed!

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Sep 232013

From RoadKill Radio News
Sept. 23, 2013
For immediate release

BC activist Kari Simpson’s ‘Drive for Justice’

VANCOUVER, Sept. 22, 2013 (RKRNews) — The judicial noose is getting tighter around Canada’s top judge, and BC social activist Kari Simpson appears to be pulling most of the ropes. But she’s also finding support from within the legal fraternity. Several lawyers from across Canada have written to express similar concerns about judicial corruption.

“This saga is destined for Hollywood—and so it should be,” says Simpson. “Confidence in Canada’s judicial system has become a joke.”

The decade-old defamation case Simpson v Mair and WIC has become a vivid example of why public confidence in Canada’s courts is declining.

Simpson’s latest letter to Beverley McLachlin was not written to her as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, but in her alternate capacity as chair of the Canadian Judicial Council. It underscores the judicial crisis in Canada. The letter (linked here), contained in a tabbed binder, exposes shenanigans and cover-up that has transpired in Simpson’s quest for simple justice.

When Simpson earlier asked Chief Justice McLachlin and CJC’s Executive Director, Norman Sabourin, to answer questions about alleged improprieties by the Chief Justice and Justice Mary Marvyn Koenigsberg, both refused, and Mr. Sabourin instead accused Simpson of abusing the process! (Simpson’s response to Mr. Sabourin is available here.)

In her closing comments of September 16, 2013 to Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin, in her capacity as CJC Chair, Simpson states:

“You know that judicially, this matter is not going to end well for you, Madam Chair. You are complicit, for not only did you allow a judge to continue to sit who had no business being on the bench; but you upheld her decisions, knowing full well that she is unqualified. By continuing in this charade of justice, you only succeed in justifying contemptuous cynicism for your office and for the administration of justice as a whole.”

Lying, bullying and gatekeeper defensive strategies by bureaucrats like the CJC’s Executive Director don’t faze Simpson; instead, she says, “they tend to backfire—which is helpful to those of us working to restore justice to Canadians.”

Simpson’s knack for exposing judicial antics has been featured in a video series available on the Internet at The series, narrated by veteran journalist Ron Gray, explores this remarkably corrupt case of injustice—and it has developed a faithful following, including many members of the legal fraternity.

One of those followers is the popular CyberSmokeBlog. CyberSmoke’s blogger, Clare Pieuk, is no stranger to judicial shenanigans—and he has given a lot of publicity to the Simpson case. In a recent blog featuring Simpson’s latest bombshell, he writes:

“CyberSmokeBlog, in its posting about the case, observed when Kari Simpson ‘dropped’ her latest “package” on Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin that it must have landed with a thud, “Doink….. ouch, that hurt; dammit to hell!”
… CyberSmokeBlog noted the judicial system’s gross mishandling of the case has the potential to make the Douglas Inquiry look like a piker…”

In reference to one of the most popular Drive For Justice episodes, entitled “Our Ermine-Clad Masters”—an episode in which you can hear exactly what Simpson said, and can compare it to what the SCC justices said—Pieuk in his Sept. 19 blog (, entitled “The mother of all defamation lawsuits versus judicial corruption in Canada!” makes this appropriate observation:

… Supreme Court Justices’ ceremonial robes, such as those formerly worn by Ian “RoadKill” Binnie, who wrote the [Simpson] decision, are lined with ermine, which comes from the Canadian Arctic weasel…

Kari Simpson has given Chief Justice McLachlin 14 days to respond to her 12-page letter and tabbed case history. The “package” has been confirmed as having been delivered to the Chief Justice. It was also sent to Prime Minister Harper; Justice Minister Peter MacKay; Ambassador for Religious Freedom Dr. Andrew Bennett; Commissioner for Federal Judicial Affairs William Brooks; and all members of the Canadian Judicial Council—among other interested recipients.

More to come!


Contact: Kari Simpson (604) 514-1614

All documents referred to in Simpson’s letter are hyperlinked
for convenience of all readers.

Drive For Justice 35: Introduction to Drive For Justice II

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May 062013

Kari Simpson joins Ron Gray to update her case and to talk about the need to bring about changes to Canada's justice system. Since going public with her case, Kari has been inundated with other troubling cases that demand remedy. Clearly the justice system is broken and needs to be fixed. Drive For Justice is expanding to cover more cases, including an in-depth look at the circus that has resulted in the Justice Lori Douglas matter that is before the Canadian Judicial Council. Buckle-up – this is going to be a hot ride!

Drive For Justice 34: Where We Go From Here

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Apr 222013

"Drive For Justice" host Ron Gray wraps up – for now – this series exposing the lies, corruption and deceit of Canada's legal brethren as it pertains to Kari Simpson's ongoing case against The Liar Rafe Mair, correctly implicating the corrupt Judge Mary Marvyn Koenigsberg and exposing the Supreme Court of Canada's lies and failure to adhere to the Letter of the Law. Mr. Gray then introduces the next phase of "Drive For Justice", which promises to open a Pandora's Box of judicial shenanigans.

Drive For Justice 33: Upping the Ante – Now $130,000 in Rewards Offered!!!

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Mar 192013

Ron Gray presents big cash incentives to those of you who want to help Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin maintain her lies about Kari Simpson. Chief Bevy's fate is in your hands, folks, since failure to prove her lies will mean she will have to resign from the court! You see, contrary to the legal requirement of proving a case involving libel, defendant Rafe Mair failed to provide any foundation for his lies, admitting that he never even heard Kari Simpson speak on the issues central to the case. But Chief Bevy decided to believe Mair's unfounded lies and went a step further by publishing his lies as the "factual" basis of her decision.

Here's the deal: Produce verifiable evidence (not hearsay or more lies) that makes any of these lies true. This is your chance – 4 chances, actually – to make big money by merely proving what Rafe Mair, Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin, and the 2008 Supreme Court of Canada (the panel that presided over Simpson's case) say about Kari Simpson. Simply prove to us and to the world that Kari Simpson led the opposition to the infamous "3 Books" in Surrey, or that she's "opposed to any positive portrayal of a gay lifestyle," or that she's intolerant of homosexuals and/or is anti-gay, or – for the really big money – that the Supreme Court of Canada has any right to change a legal test and then use the new test to make a finding without letting the parties know the legal test they have to meet.

So far it's looking bad for Chief Justice Bevy. Since no one is stepping up with the evidence, she should start packing up her office. Canadians will not tolerate a liar and an arrogant, out-of-touch cheat for a Chief Justice of the high court!

Drive For Justice 32: $10,000 Reward Offered!

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Mar 042013

Ron Gray presents your chance to make $10,000! Merely prove that Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin and the Supreme Court of Canada did not lie when they officially pronounced that Kari Simpson was involved in opposing the infamous "Surrey Three Books Case", a key element in their corrupt decision endorsing Rafe Mair's lies and defamation of Kari Simpson. The Supreme Court's LIE has been repeated ad nauseam throughout the Internet, TV, radio, books, newspapers, and law school curriculum ever since. Every source that repeats this LIE is guilty of LYING.

Drive For Justice 30: “Deep Throat” Exposes Koenigsberg’s Fraud

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Feb 112013

Ron Gray brings us to the point in this story when – having been through 3 levels of court with a seemingly inexplicable outcome – Kari Simpson is approached by an unidentified man who exposes the lies and corruption behind it all. Tune in and learn how this came about, and how "Justice" M. Marvyn Koenigsberg's stonewalling continued.

Drive For Justice 29: Back to Koenigsberg, the Stonewalling Judge

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Feb 042013

This week, Ron Gray recounts the immediate aftermath of the Supreme Court of Canada's defamatory, change-the-law-in-mid-decision conclusion. Kari Simpson headed back to the original trial judge in this farce of justice, and that judge – Mary Marvyn Koenigsberg – was sticking to her guns (and her lies) in her ongoing attempt to circumvent justice.

Drive For Justice 28: Back to the Supreme Court of Canada

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Jan 202013

Ron Gray explains the rare circumstances that allow an appeal to a Supreme Court of Canada decision. Among the circumstances are if significant evidence was missed in the trial, and if justice was thwarted by or in the High Court. Both these circumstances exist in this case, and to ignore the proof would be to compound the injustice even further. Does Canada's highest court have the integrity to correct its own errors, or will they have to be forced by Parliamentary intervention to obey the law?